Schools can use Ardwhallan for bespoke programmes, including personal and social development, GCSE PE and alternative games sessions using creative learning in the outdoors to enhance the curriculum.

We cater for both Primary and Secondary schools. Listed below are just some of the sessions we offer - contact us for more details and to discuss options for your students.

Primary Schools

We offer a wide variety of opportunities for Primary School classes. This includes one-off day sessions, to more regular half-term weekly sessions.

Ardwhallan has a number of pre-planned day-long activities, including:

  • Navigation day
  • Mountain day
  • Viking day
  • Water Safety day
  • Bushcraft day
  • Teamwork/Problem Solving

These days can be booked at anytime, with learning outcomes tailored specifically to the group.

We also offer a number of in-house awards for longer term bookings, such as:

  • Wilderness Discovery Award
  • Wilderness Ranger Award
  • Water Safety Award

These awards encourage regular participation, and offer a wide range of activities; with long term goals and outcomes worked towards.

Alongside our day and term-long activities, we can also organise and run off-island trips. These trips are bespokely planned in conjunction with students and teachers, with a view to combine pre-booked activities with other sessions led by our instructors. These trips are an exciting way to push students out of their comfort zones whilst remaining safe and building on teamwork skills.

Secondary Schools

Working closely with Secondary Schools, we provide a different method of learning for a wide range of abilities.

We offer bespoke sessions for groups of students, in a wide variety of activities, including:

  • Bushcraft
  • Paddlesports
  • Water Safety
  • Climbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Archery

These activities come with either a National Governing Body booklet or an Ardwhallan in-house booklet, designed and written by our experienced instructors. Regular sessions mean students can tick-off skills and gain certificates, gaining knowledge and confidence.

Alongside general sessions we also run iGCSE weekends. These popular weekends give students the opportunity to complete the practical coursework section of their iGCSE PE. Activities include:

  • Kayaking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Climbing
  • Sailing
  • Hill Walking
  • Orienteering

Following iGCSE guidelines, students learn skills and complete the work needed to gain a mark in an outdoor sport.