Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is available to young people aged 14 to 25 and it encourages them to try new, challenging activities as well as giving credit for existing interests.

The 'volunteering', 'physical' and 'skill' sections encourage young people to get out into the community, helping others or take part in positive activities.

DofE is a highly recognised addition to young people's work skills and is welcomed by educationalists and employers.

Many participants carry on with the activities they started in DofE, some taking those skills into the workplace.

More than 800 young people are working towards the award locally.  

To gain a Bronze award, over 14s must complete at least 3 months on each of 3 sections – volunteering, physical and skills – opting for 6 months on one of them. 

They must also plan, train for and complete a 2-day expedition.

Over 15s can step up to work towards a Silver award, which involves a minimum of 6 months volunteering and 6 months on either physical or skills, with 3 months on the other. They must tackle a 3-day expedition.

The ultimate award, the Gold, can be started from the age of 16. Young people spend a year volunteering and the same period on either physical or skills, with 6 months on the other. They also complete an expedition of at least 4 days and 3 nights and an extra section a residential, spending 5 days undertaking group activities with people they don't know.

At any one time around 800 young people in the Isle of Man are working towards awards via their Secondary schools, voluntary youth organisations or youth groups.

An annual presentation of Bronze and Silver awards takes place at the Gaiety Theatre in the autumn and young people who have achieved their Gold award are honoured separately at a ceremony at Government House.